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Developing Strong, Fast, and Resilient athletes daily.

Performance Assessment

Our fitness/performance assessment process is a series of strategically chosen tests that help us paint the picture of our athlete's strengths and weaknesses to create a performance baseline. IAT takes a closer look at each athlete's endurance, strength, speed, power, agility & change of direction.​ We utilize the latest in proven performance information collection methods and technology to provide quantifiable metrics, allowing us to evaluate training readiness, track your progress through your training, and see how you stack up to your peers. VALD Performance Technology is the same sports performance tech used by the PROs. Check out VALD.

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The Clinicians and Performance Coaches at IAT build out a custom program based on current needs, age, gender, sport, position, time of year, in-season vs off-season, and your goals. We work 1-on-1 or in small groups to teach, guide, and progress our athletes and clients through their programs to ensure they get the most out of each session. Develop sport-specific strength, power, and endurance as safely and efficiently as possible utilizing some of the best equipment in the industry. Book an appointment.

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Each of our sessions include components of movement preparation, competency, balance, and stability for better training and playing load tolerance. Helping our athletes become extremely resilient to the rigors of life and sports activity is what helps to keep them in the game.



Improve Core Stability 

Improve Strength and Power

Improve Balance and Reduce Asymmetry

Cardiovascular Efficiency

Speed, Agility, and Change of Direction

Improve Mobility and Coordination

Reduce Injury Risk

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