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What is included in a visit with us?

Our evaluation is a 90 minute in-depth analysis of movement, posture, and mechanics and first hands-on treatment. The evaluation costs $150, then subsequent visits will fall under different treatment options that fit within almost any budget and time frame. Our 1-on-1 approach allows us to design customized treatment plans and training programs to get you the results you need, while teaching you more about your body, how it works, and how to better take care of it. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our integrated performance technology, allows us to provide next level results to keep you performing at your best!

Do you accept insurance?

We do not participate directly with any insurance provider, however we do accept FSA/HSA (health savings accounts). Make sure to check with your plan provider to get a full understanding of your benefits and limitations. There may be times where you will have to pay out of pocket, then submit your bill for reimbursement. 

The reason we do it this way is to make sure we provide the best service possible without being influenced by what a third-party payer will pay for and what they will not. The rehabilitation space has changed drastically over the last several years in direct relation to the fall of reimbursement rates for rehabilitation services all across the board. This has caused a massive shift in the industry requiring healthcare providers operating within the insurance model to see upwards of 8-10 patients per hour in order to make ends meet. That drop in individualized patient attention leads to the overall lack of results. We are able to give you our undivided attention, stay competitive with co-pay rates, and get continued results over and over again in far less time.  

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